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indialogue is a collaborative design and research platform focused on conversations, experimentations and questions on design, architecture and urban strategies. The work is on built and unbuilt space, visual and theoretical, architectural and interdisciplinary. We discuss, curate and formulate design, writing, exhibitions and workshops in, about and around Hong Kong.

Susanne Trumpf is a Senior Lecturer at the Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, where she teaches design studios and landscape media. She has previously taught at PolyU Hong Kong, the AA Visiting School and HKDI. Susanne has practiced in Berlin and Hong Kong and is founder of indialogue. She graduated from TU Berlin, Germany (BArch) and TU Delft, Netherlands (MArch) in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences.

Current and previous collaborators include:

Melissa Cate Christ (
Harvey Chung (
Natalia Echeverri (
Judith Frankenberg (
Cesar Jung-Harada (
Christiane Lange
Xiaoxuan Lu
Andrew Toland
Ivan Valin (

Makerbay (
Rooftop Republic (