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This studio, co-taught by Natalia Echeverri and Susanne Trumpf, explored the relationship between the representation of landscapes and the production of landscapes. Drawings, models, or other types of representational tools offer possibilities in understanding landscape in different ways and are a critical part of the design process. Throughout the studio, students experimented with different techniques to develop composite and complex understandings of the landscape.

Project 2 student work by CWONG Hoi Lam Michelle, CHENG Tsz Kwok Gordon, and LEE Kai Chi Adam

The course consisted of a sequence of three projects. In the first project, students explored the concept of ‘type’ through an analysis of modern garden and park case studies. By using two-dimensional and three-dimensional diagrams, students articulated each case study as a sequence of spaces and distribution of elements. In the second project, students explored the tectonics of the ground through a series of topographical studies working primarily with collage, model and parallel projective drawings. The final assignment was built upon the skills and knowledge acquired in the first two projects, with the goal to design the integration between terrain, natural forces, and human habitation. Students designed a series of spaces along a trail on top of Mount Davis, a site that once served as part of Hong Kong’s defense system during World War II.

Project 3 student work by WONG Hon Ting Bryan, CHENG Tsz Kwok Gordon, and WONG Hoi Lam Michelle