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Always at the edge of things and between places is an exhibition co-curated by Melissa Cate Christ and Scott Dietrich and designed by Susanne Trumpf. The work is shown until 03.06.2017 in Connecting Space Hong Kong. Read the introduction below and find out more about tours, talks and workshops along with the exhibition on our facebook page.

Always at the edge of things and between places / 永遠在邊緣永遠在過渡 pairs archival and design research, photography and architectural drawings from the project ‘Hong Kong Stair Archive: Documenting the Walkable City’ with multimedia art and design works.The project actively extends the public’s notion of stairs as not only physical objects, but also as places where cultural life is situated and explored. The title, borrowed from the poem ‘Images of Hong Kong’ by Leung Ping Kwan, situates the work within a reflection about the past, present and future of Hong Kong’s vernacular, cultural landscape, asking, “What is the role of stairs in creating and preserving a walkable, liveable city with a vibrant cultural life?” The time-based, socio-cultural works in the exhibition invite the public to participate not only as viewers, but also as catalysts and contributors who can simultaneously reflect upon and build history, while also envisioning the future of Hong Kong’s urban landscape.

The exhibition features works by 3DSND, Alun Meyerhans, Anakin Yeung, Doreen Chan, Ethan Lo, Jana Vanecek, Johanna Keim, Johnny Gin, Map Office, Max Willis, Mela Kocher, Nicolas Büchi, Scott Dietrich, Stefan Schmidlin, William Wong and the Hong Kong Stair Archive team.