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SPARKLE! Journey of a City Foot Soldier

The exhibition Sparkle! Journey of a City Foot Soldier is curated by Sara Wong and features the work ‘Selections from the Hong Kong Stair Archive’ by Melissa Cate Christ and Susanne Trumpf. It is shown at Oi! until 06.01.2019.


‘Interstitial Hong Kong’ presents an interactive exhibit showcasing unique public small places as a network of physical, cultural, and ecological assets. We invite the public to share their experiences of small-space urbanism and to reimagine the Sitting-out Area’s potential within our city.


Two exhibits, ‘From Miniature to Synchronizer’ and ‘From Border to Mediator’, develop a critical spatial analysis of the city’s landscapes by collecting and communicating the organizational attributes of its public spaces.

NO SUGAR: AA Visiting School Hong Kong

Based on site research in Cha Kwo Ling Village, students look on the results of our global society’s addiction to the ‘sweet life’ and investigate how city dwellers can move away from pure consumption and reclaim an active advocacy. A future projection of the village is shown in an immersive exhibition at Osage Gallery.

AGING DRAGONS: Evergrowing Hong Kong

The Aging Dragons Exhibition is part of the ‘Beyond Big Plans: Let’s reinvent planning’ conference, a pre-event to the ISOCARP 2015. Exhibits about Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo are shown in the Seoul City Hall from 12th to 22nd March 2015.

TOURETTE #00: Wide Open

‘What’s the matter?’ is a call for calls for one issue of Tourette Journal and discusses a new ‘new materialism’, that has been emerging in architecture and related design practices which is attempting to grapple with what it means to live in the Anthropocene under the conditions of the Great Acceleration.

MONU #21: Interior Urbanism

The Urban Council Building is a unique typology in Hong Kong. The dense generic super block is stacked with potentially incompatible civic programs: wet markets and libraries; sport facilities and waste collection centers; government offices and cooked food centers.